A Voices World

Date & time 16/04/2016, 10:00h-18:00h

City/place: Santiago de Compostela

Country: ES

Performer/s: Isabel Pichel, vocal coach, sociologist & radio announcer, Speaky, a little cartoon girl who introduces the voice for beginners

More info: In the morning, Isabel Pichel (vocal coach, sociologist & radio announcer) introduce a choral director, an opera singer, an actor, a phoniatrician, an otorhinolaryngologist, a speech pathologist, a school teacher, like professional voice example. In the evening time, Speaky introduce on-line voice conference (from New York). As soon as possible, we show you the name of important and famous participants!!

Website: www.faladorinhavivavoz.com

Contact person/s: Isabel Pichel, event organizer isa.pichel@gmail.com, faladorinha@gmail.com

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