"Live voice – free voice!" World Voice Day seminar and Concert

Date & time 16/04/2016, 12:00 – 16:00

City/place: Vilnius

Venue/address: Galera, Uzupio 2a

Country: LT

Performer/s: Milda Arčikauskaitė, Free Voice Studio and Free Voice Ensembles

More info: Let’s celebrate the World Voice Day together! Welcome to the seminar and the concert of Free Voice Ensembles and soloists (at 4pm). During the seminar we will discuss the following topics: voice hygiene; breathing; articulation; different “warming up” techniques, voice psychology, etc. For singers, actors, announcers, journalists, TV/radio show hosts, teachers, professors, lecturers, lawyers and all the people, who want to explore and to discover their voices, to know them better, to improve their voices, to get more theoretical and practical material, information and to reveal themselves through their voice.

Price 10 €. Registration is needed: laisvobalsostudija@gmail.com / +3706 16 06 707.rt. Concert is free. Singing spring wishes !

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/211498262545174/

Contact person/s: Milda Arčikauskaitė

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