Inspire your voice – professionals world wide

Date & time 13/04/2016

City/place: Tel Aviv

Venue/address: ON LINE

Country: IL

Performer/s: Tali Landau – MD ENT-Israel // Joshua Alamu-vocal coach-UK//Pnina Erenthal-SLP-MA- Israel//Aramat Arnheim-Sharon- Clinical Vocologist- Israel// Neta Galansky-Galili – Psychologist – Israel// Mindy Pack – vocal coach – US// . – World wide voice professionals with tips and short webinars available for all voice users online – only from April 16th till April 17th. – Save your seat and sign up – free sign up from April 13th.

More info:  voice center Israel is a work in progress of online center connecting the best in the field of voice and devoted to voice users in Israel and world wide.


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