World Voice Day: my voice, my identity.

Date & time 13/04/2016, 18:00

City/place: Porto Alegre

Venue/address: 240 Dom Cláudio José Gonçalves Ponce de Leon ave. City of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do sul, Brazil. Zip code 91370170

Country: BR

More info:  The event is being organized by a public center “Center of Preventive Care to Students” belonging to the Municipal Institution of Education and Culture of the city of Tramandaí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Professionals from different areas will participate and speak about the importance of voice care, especially in individuals who use voice professionally. PROGRAMME, Registration, 18:15 Opening, José Alberto Matte (CAPE coordinator), Ana Guerra da Silva (speech therapist), Chenia Martinez (speech therapist), Cristina O. Luz (speech therapist). 18:30 Mental Health and Voice, Francisco Freitas (psychologist). 19:00 Experience report on importance of voice in the profession and in the identity of the voice professional, Angelo Corpes (musician and singer), Cintia Machado (teacher),Patricia Ohlweiler (teacher). 19:30 – Vocal Health, David Birnfeld (otolaryngologist)

Contact person/s: Chenia Martinez,

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