Não Deixe sua Voz Pipocar

Date & time 16/04/2016, 10:00 – 14:00

City/place: Rio de Janeiro

Venue/address: Metrô Uruguaiana e imediações do SAARA

Country: BR

Performer/s: Dr. Leonardo Fuks (School of Music, UFRJ), Lidia Becker (School of Phonoaudiology, CCS-UFRJ), Angela Garcia, Ana Ruas, Estudantes e profissionais de Fonoaudiologia

More info: This event uses a popcorn cart supplied with audio equipment and voice evaluation tools – computer, sound pressure level meter, microphone, amplifier, loudspeakers. The performers will give away popcorn to the public, distribute leaflets and other printed materials. It is expected to attract the audience and be effective as a tool for vocal education and awareness. The motto -Não Deixe sua Voz Pipocar- means something like “Do not let your voice get hurt “. Pipocar, coming from the Portuguese word for popcorn, means to increase considerably, explode, shoot like a machine gun, etc.

Website: www.diamundialdavoz.blogspot.com.br/

Contact person/s: Leonardo Fuks, fuks.leonardo@gmail.com, Lidia Becker, lidia.becker@gmail.com

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