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The Voice Foundation articles


Breath in Voice Education and Rehabilitation
(Steinhauer) – link HERE

Injured Singers in Vocal Crisis
(Sandage) – HERE


Vocal Pedagogy with Science and Style
(Sandage) – HERE


Vocalises for Vocal-Ease!
(Steinhauer) HERE

Voice Science: What Is It Good For?
(Steinhauer) HERE


Talks and lectures about Voice and Voice Science

The Voice as a musical instrument, Prof. Johan Sundberg
About resonance and formants, Prof. Johan Sundberg
Minilectures Bioacoustics – Formants & Vowels, Prof. Tecumseh Fitch

The vocal travel, Prof Per-Åke Lindestad


Articles on the World Voice Day in Scientific Journals

Voice Production
Polyphonic Voice
Teachers voice affect
The Neuroscience of Singing (External link)