Live concert 2023 with regained voice after voice loss due to recurrent nerve palsy

This is a live concert to convey the importance of the voice.
The purpose of this concert is to show the importance of the voice that I feel as a performer who has lost my voice once, and also to show that even if the nerve on one side of the vocal cord is cut, I can still sing after phonosurgery and voice training.
Due to corona measures, everyday life is returning little by little.
It’s the same about being able to sing.
I want you to cherish your voice and sing a song because it’s such a time.
I sing with such thoughts.
I will sing with my gratitude for being able to sing.
Please listen to my song.

date: 2023-04-09

time: 14:00-14:30
usp-custom-cityplace:  Tokyo/Ekoda Marquee
usp-custom-venueaddress: Ekoda Sky-building B2,1-10-10
Tel: 03-3994-2948 (from Japan),
81-3-3994-2948 (from outside of Japan)
usp-custom-performers: Nobuo Kanetomo

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