Caring the performer’s voice

Activity 1: We held a  forum of voice, invited three world famous voice experts to discuss the topic of voice protection for performers with their domestic counterparts, and provided a lot of valuable help, which attracted wide attention from the society.
Activity 2: We held a free clinic for teachers and students of the Central Conservatory of Music. Many teachers and students came to see us, wanting to know their voice conditions and treat diseases of throat, which provided valuable help for the voice health of teachers and students of our school.

date: 15–04–2023;  18–04–2023

time: 19:00–21:00;9:00–17:00

cityplace: Beijing

venueaddress: 43 Baojia Street

performers: Liyan Han; David Meyer;Lisa S. Popeil; Mike Benninger . Shuguang LI; Dandi Fei; Xiao Li


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