Lift Mugham Singers Voices Lecture /Seminar in Voice Science followed by workshop /discussion

Description: Lecture –Seminar in Voice Science followed by workshop -discussion between mugham singers (khanende) on mugham vocal techniques Zengule, Avaz, Bam, Zil Presented by Ph.D. candidate Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff of Azerbaijan National Conservatory in support of doctoral dissertation entitled «Research on acoustic and physiological properties of the vocal apparatus of mugham performers (khanende)“. Focal Fold Vocal fold structure Vocal Fold oscillation and acoustics Myoelastic /aerodynamic theory Neurochronaxic theory Mucoviscoelastic /aerodynamic theory. This Doctoral research that started in 2009 at Rider University, Princeton New Jersey, and Continue since 2017 at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory. Doctoral dissertation entitled "Research on acoustic and physiological properties of the vocal apparatus of mugham performers (khanende)“ that is conducted in Azerbaijan for the first time and is considered to be groundbreaking. The mission of my doctoral work is to unlock a growing desire to understand how mugham singers use their voices. The aim is to fill the gap in the voice science and vocal pedagogy by providing information on mugham singers' voice formation during singing that can be measured and evaluated through analysis instruments in order to assess vocal production, and position of the larynx during the performance of vocal mugahm. My task is to objectively establish in what vocal mode mugham is performed. That is, to determine the phonation mode during the performance of mugham and to contribute to the preservation of this ancient Azerbaijani art form. Applying qualitative and quantitative methodologies with the use of medical and acoustic instrumentation, this doctoral work is multidisciplinary and requires advisory not only musicologists and vocal pedagogues but also consultancy of medical and acoustic specialists. Instrumentation: unique non-invasive software Voce Vista, EGG; SOPRAN, Endoscopic High-speed Video, Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy High-speed Video, and Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI), interviews, observation, perceptual study, and cross-referencing the scholarly literature in musicology, voice science, vocal pedagogy, including Journal of Voice, and Journal of Singing, and scientific data in voice research of (e.g.J.Sundberg, Hollien, Seidner, Schutte, Wendler &Rauhut, D. Miller, G. Miller Bloothooft & Plomp‘ Burns ). Subjects of the research: are Azerbaijani professional world-renowned and student mugam singers who are called khanende.  

Date: 2022-04-20 

Time: 14:00-15:00 Baku Time  

City/place: Baku Azerbaijan Venue address: Azerbaijan National Conservatory, Baku Concert and Conference Hall/ AZ 1073, Alekperov Yasamal District 7  

Performer/s: Presenter and Orginizer: Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff 

Contact: Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff  

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