Javier Medina an hypogonadic soprano

Description: Javier Medina is an hypogonadic soprano a singer and singing teacher and coach,he is one of the few hypogonadic singers in the world .Due to medical personal reasons his voice stayed an infantile voice. His speaking and his singing voice is from an infant. Maestro Medina explaind the history of castrati and the differences between a countertenor and a male soprano.He analyzes details of voice production and his opinions about musical theater and opera. 

Date: 2021-04-15 

Time: 19:00-20:00 

City/place: Cd Mexico Venue address: facebook diamundialdelavozmexico,worldvoicedaymexico www.centrodefoniatria.com 

Performer/s: Maestro Javier Medina and Dr.R.Eugenia Chavez 

Web: www.centrodefoniatria.com FACEBOOK dia mundial de la voz Mexico@dmvmexico,worldvoicedaymexico

Contact: eugeniachavez@hotmail.com 

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