Fernando de la Mora and his trayectory

Description: Mr. de la Mora is being interviewed about his career, his family and the voice hygiene. 1987, Mr. de la Mora sang his first presentation at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, with the male lead of Tosca, by Puccini. “I learned to sing and my voice grew. I couldn't help the obvious: singing gave me joy and I wanted to dedicate myself to it ”. Fernando de la Mora's work is divided into two: playing stellar roles in operatic theaters in Mexico, New York, San Francisco, Milan, London and Spain, Buenos Aires, Moscow ... And also, spreading Mexican music. His discography includes more than 30 productions including opera, mariachi, rancheras, danzones and romantic music. Earlier this month, he released his duet album with Armando Manzanero: The magic of your love. "I don't perform any song that doesn't excite me," says the tenor. “I have the joy of choosing my songs. Every song that I interpret I feel it in my soul. It hurts me, it excites me. I think it is necessary to feel deeply the lyrics and the melody to be able to crush the hearts of the public. An artist who does not do it is useless ”.  

Date: 2021-04-17 

Time: 18:00-19:00 

City/place: Cd Mexico Venue address: Facebook diamundialdelavozmexico,worldvoicedaymexico www.centrodefoniatria.com 

Performer/s: Maestro Fernando de la Mora and Dr.R.Eugenia Chavez  

Web: www.centrodefoniatria.com FACEBOOK dia mundial de la voz Mexico@dmvmexico

Contact: eugeniachavez@hotmail.com 

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