Carlos Cuevas the king of Bolero

Description: Interview about Carlos Cuevas who says "I sing Bolero for conviction not for fashion" The best interpreter for Bolero. He has been singing professionally since 1980 at 8 years old His mother taught him about 500 boleros and his father his lover for the opera and his greatest influence was from his sister Aida he learned from her to be an artist. He won his first contest at 12 years old .In 1900 he got the first place in OTI Festival in Mexico City He has recorded 32 discs. 8 years and 7 months was the hostess for a Tv program Night by night with Carlos Cuevas His new project is “Romance in piano II” In the pandemic he was the first artist in performing on line free concerts for his public As long as a couple of lovers exist, bolero will exist and there will be Carlos Cuevas to sing it.  

Date: 2021-04-16 

Time: 19:00-20:00 

City/place: Cd Mexico Venue address: online facebook :diamundialdelavozmexico 

Performer/s: Carlos Cuevas King of Bolero R.Eugenia Chavez interviewer. 

Web: FACEBOOK worldvoicedaymexico,dia mundial de la voz Mexico@dmvmexico


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