World Voice Day

Description: We are pleased to announce a collaboration between the UTSA Voice Area in the Music Department and the Texas Voice Center at UT-Health to bring World Voice Day to UTSA. Professor Blake Simpson, a world-renowned surgeon and the lead laryngologist at UT Health in San Antonio, and the voice care team from UT Health will come to UTSA for an interactive workshop for speakers and singers which will include demonstration of endoscopy and real-time acoustical analysis of the speaking and singing voice in action. The tentative program for the event will include the following: • the role of voice in many occupations, and the meaning of professional voice use • the concept of one voice – how humans use the same production system for speaking and singing • the unique needs of speaking voice users • the unique needs of singing voice users • means of imaging the voice for research and diagnostic purposes • seeing the voice in action: what happens inside your body when you speak, sing (classical and popular), whistle, swallow, speak or sing at different dynamic levels, sing with and without vibrato, clear your throat, hum, or yawn. • Q & A with audience 

Date: 2018-04-16 

Time: 12:00-13:00 

City/place: San Antonio Venue address: UTSA Recital Hall 

Performer/s: Blake Simpson; John Nix; Jill Green Chandler; Rachelle Saenz 


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