Ramon Vargas : his voice and his art

Interview to Mr.Ramon Vargas, his trayectory since childhood, development of his voice,the contests that discover this great tenor. The health and th technique in a singer.

date: 2023-04-15

time: 11:30-12:05

cityplace: Mexicocity

venueaddress: Minerva 104-501 Colonia Florida Mexico city Centro de Foniatría y Audiología

performers: Mr. Ramon Vargas ,R.Eugenia Chávez M.D.,Ph.D.

webbaddress: centrodefoniatria.com   comet-collegium.com

contacts: comet-collegium.com  eugeniachavez@hotmail.com  centrodefoniatria.com  facebook diamundialdelavoz worldvoiceday, vivalavoz365

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