ESTETICA IN ODONTOIATRIA, LOGOPEDIA, OSTEOPATIA- Aesthetics in Dental, SLT & Ostheopathic approaches

Description: Nowadays aesthetic is a powerful reason to submit (and pay) for treatments. Marketing researches describe a female professional, 30-44 yrs, working in wealthy areas as the "typical" subject asking for these changes. But teeth and miofacial structures are all parts, directly or indirectly, of the vocal function, formant positions, articulatory patterns... "Cherish one's voice" means also know factors and changes which might interfere with it. The course's aim is to present orofacial and vocal aesthetic from three experts points of view - under a Phoniatrics/ENT coordination- to put up teams or interdisciplinary connections among Health Professionals, apt to suggest Patients about which ones best, case by case, and in which order better, to prevent or rather solve voice problems, not only in young female Professionals. 

Date: 2018-04-13 

Time: 08:30-18:30 

City/place: MILAN  Venue address: Spazio Copernico Isola, Via Sassetti 32 

Performer/s: (alphabetic order) MD Riccardo Aiuto, MD Orietta Calcinoni, DO Valentina Carlile, SLT Diana Grandi 



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