Workshop Speech bone

Description: Workshop Speech bone, for performing artists, speakers, voice- speech and singing teachers, speech pathologists, presentation trainers.
The Speech bone is a practical and expedient aid in voice - and speech training, also in warming-up before speaking.
Intense and specific training with this small object in brief periods (few minutes) of time have an immediate result for the proprioception around one's articulatory mechanism - the fundament of directed and effective work on speaking goals.
During the workshop you will receive instructions about the use of the speech bone and you will learn how to work with it. Apart from that the work will focus on the application, the practice mode and the adjustment and fine-tuning to the different learning environment and learning goals of the target group (speaking profession, acting, singing, declaiming, reciting, teaching etc.).
This workshop will last two hours. Costs (€ 39,- incl. 21% btw/vat and material) will be met after receiving a personal invoice - when paid, enrollment is final.
Particiants receive their personal speech bone during the workshop - it's first use will be during the workshop.
Please sign in on facebook or/and confirm your partaking by sending an email. 

Date: 2017-04-16 

Time: 10:00 - 12:00 

City/place: The Hague Venue address: Deventersestraat 21, 2587 SX Den Haag 

Performer/s: Alex Boon 

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