The Gift of Voice: A Graduate Recital

Description: The University of Central Oklahoma will be presenting Deonna Marie in her graduate recital where she will celebrate not only finishing her Master's Degree in Vocal Performance but also her ability to sing as she has fully recovered from a vocal injury. The vocal injury left Ms. Cattledge devastated, but even worse, silent for years. The process was tedious and slow, but having the gift of voice is not something she takes lightly. This is the first recital Ms. Cattledge will give post her vocal surgery. So, when deciding the title of the recital, it was clear, The Gift of Voice was most befitting. In addition to being a classically trained soprano with the ability to sing in several different genres, Ms. Cattledge is also a skilled voice teacher and vocal coach, motivational speaker, and consultant.  

Date: 2017-04-22 

Time: 07:00-08:00 

City/place: Oklahoma City Venue address: Radke Fine Arts Theatre, Center for Transformative Learning, University of Central Oklahoma 100 N. University Drive Edmond, OK 73034 405-974-3371 / Fax: (405) 974-3825 

Performer/s: Deonna Marie Cattledge (Soprano) Jeremy Sheets (Cellist)  


Contact: Deonna Marie Cattledge Phone: (405)-283-2465 Facebook and Twitter: @thegiftofvoice, Deonna Marie | The Gift of Voice Instagram: @BINKdmc, BINK | Bringing Innovative Needed Knowledge 

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