Impersonating a Speech Pathologist

Sharing our thoughts, sharing our knowledges, our fantasy or our dreams…
We speak and listen to one another “as a matter of course”, thus sharing various things. Using our body, our breath, our voice and our speech.
But: how obvious is it that we speak and listen? How do we manage to share all this? How are voice and speech connected?
We will try and find out in this workshop. By listening, by proposing, by guessing, by trying and experimenting. How hard can it be to instruct or teach somebody certain sounds (such as vocals)?
“Impersonating a speech pathologist”:
An approachable workshop in which participants can share their voices and speech, trying to find out how this "miraculous" device is working.
Listening, doing, sharing and most of all: impersonating a speech pathologist in a playful way. Just to find out how complicated it is to achieve any change in vocal or speech patterns in other people…
EveryBody welcome. Admission free. Just bring your voice and be willing share it. 

Date: 2017-04-16 

Time: 14:00 - 16:00 

City/place: The Hague Venue address: Deventersestraat 21, 2587 SX The Hague / Scheveningen 

Performer/s: Alex Boon 



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