My Voice Lifts My Soul 2020

Description: My Voice Lifts My Soul is a virtual choir project to bring voices of the world together, launching on World Voice Day, 16th April 2020 GET INVOLVED On World Voice Day we will be offering FREE ONLINE RESOURCES (including chord charts, lyrics and a PDF explaining the technical process to build your virtual choir, complete with a new choral composition. We wills be hosting a FREE WEBINAR, teaching the main parts of the song, with teaching tips - aimed at community choirs at 13.00 BST. We are working with a song called My Voice Lifts My Soul - about connecting to music, to other people and setting your soul free; perfect for this time where many of us are geographically confined, but still want to connect and sing together. This project is a collaboration between Juliet Russell (vocal coach on The Voice UK, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, choir director of Assemble) and Naveen Arles (founder of London International Gospel Choir and MD Brunch). Levels of involvement - 1. Flagship choir - a small number of choirs who are involved in the launch. These will be international and everyone can see / hear their work on the day as inspiration. Promotion on web page, FB page and YouTube 2. Featured choir - a group who does a lovely version and we promote it across SM 3. Participation Choir- a group who takes advantage of the free resources and creates their own version. Some of these may become featured choirs, but it’s more about them being coming together as a choir and being part of a unified project with # etc. YOUR ROLE Create a virtual choir with your version of My Voice Lifts My Soul. Be as simple or as creative as you like. Feel free to add different languages, ad libs, soloists, genres, harmonies and your own flavour. We have choirs from India, Malaysia, Australia, the US, the UK, Jordan, France and Norway already involved and would LOVE to hear from you. Link to the webpage. with resources available from 16th April 2020 or email  

Date: 2020-04-16 

Time: 13.00-14.00 

City/place: London, UK and world Venue address: 

Performer/s: Assemble and global choirs 



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