Han Liyan, Director of the Voice Research Center of the Central Conservatory of Music, and his team

Description: In these lectures, Dr. Jiang Zhen introduced various causes of vocal diseases of professional voice users, and told people how to effectively prevent these diseases. Voice Therapist Niu Wan talked about the definition, etiology, clinical manifestations, and correction methods of dystonic dysphonia, and showed people the training and recovery of patients with dystonic dysphonia through specific cases. Teacher Guo Zhaotong introduced some common problems of young children in singing, analyzed the causes of the problems, and gave specific guidance for solving these problems. Therapist Huang Lu shared some practical tips for getting a good voice. Director Han Liyan introduced the singing range chart to the audience, which is an effective method to evaluate the singer's voice. The detection of the range chart can find out the problems in the singer's vocalization, which is an effective supplement to the way of observing the physiological structure through the laryngoscope and evaluating the sound through the human hearing system.  

Date: 2020-04-15 

Time: 19:00—20:00 

City/place: Beijing Venue address: Online 

Performer/s: Professor HanLiyan/ Dr. JiangZhen/Therapist NiuWan/ Teacher Guo Zhaotong/ Therapist Huang Lu 

Contact: NiuWan 

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