Chongqing renpin otolaryngology hospital celebrates World voice day 2020

Description: In order to celebrate World voice day 2020, the voice center of Chongqing renpin otolaryngology hospital held an online live video activity. Dr. Ma Yulong, the director of the voice center, explained the treatment and maintenance of voice diseases and throat diseases to the netizens. And answer online questions about voice health. As the director of Chongqing renpin voice center, Dr. Ma Yulong is mainly engaged in vocal microsurgery, which makes many professional voice users, such as singers, teachers and hosts, more refined vocal cord operation and more guaranteed voice quality after operation. At the same time, Dr. Ma Yulong first carried out voice training class in Chongqing, popularized scientific pronunciation methods, fundamentally treated benign hyperplasia of vocal cord, and solved the problem of recurrent vocal cord polyps after surgery. Functional dysphonia patients from all over the country, after voice training treatment, have achieved good results. In addition to his normal work, Dr. Ma Yulong often publicizes medical knowledge to netizens on the Internet, and won the "most popular Award" in the health knowledge explanation competition of Chongqing health system in 2019. 

Date: 2020-04-18 

Time: 15:00-16:00 

City/place: Chongqing/Chongqing renpin voice Center Venue address: Chongqing renpin otolaryngology hospital/ No. 772, Jingwei Avenue, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 

Performer/s: Dr. Ma Yulong, director of Chongqing renpin voice Center 


Contact: Chongqing renpin otolaryngology hospital 

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