Philippine Voice Day – VOICE Leadership

Description: April 16 was World Voice Day. Every year, various organizations from all over the world hold different kinds of events like seminars, workshops and concerts to celebrate the human being’s most powerful tool – the VOICE. In the Philippines, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales founder of CreatiVoices Productions, Voice Acting Academy Philippines and Voice Care Philippines will celebrate World Voice Day by releasing an online radio show that pays tribute to professional voice users. This 1 hour online radio, the VoiceMaster will share how important the voice is, and gave 5 tips on how to keep the voice healthy. From drinking plenty of water to getting voice training, his valuable tips on taking care of the voice will surely go a long way for those whose occupations rely mainly on their voice. He will also grant scholarship to 15 Aspiring Voice Artist that wants to pursue their voice acting career on April 17. In his VOICE Leadership training, Pocholo shared his experience and expertise as a Filipino motivational speaker. Over 20 participants attended the mini-workshop and learned how to harness their voice to become effective leaders in their respective fields. Pocholo began his presentation with an introduction of his professional career in the voice industry – as a voice artist, as a radio broadcaster and as a Filipino motivational speaker. He amazed the audience with his repertoire of character voices, and also showed the video clips where he dubbed some old Filipino movies, imitating the voices of famous Filipino actors. Pocholo will showcase of his voice acting prowess was the springboard to the focal point of his presentation, the voice. He will talk about the importance of vocal image, and how the way we sound largely affects people’s perception of us. He will gave the participants time to reflect on their own vocal image, and to decide how they WANT to sound like moving forward. Pocholo will share the 3 keys to develop one’s voice to sound like a leader – breathing, volume and tone. He gave the audience a few exercises to explore these 3 keys in their voices. He will also give the audience tips on how they can take care of their voices. Towards the end of the presentation, the participants will also given the opportunity to speak in front of the class to share what they learned and how they will use their learning in their daily life. 

Date: 2019-04-16 

Time: 12:00 - 06:00 

City/place: Makati City Venue address: CreatiVoices Productions 1745 Dian St., Palanan Makati City 

Performer/s: Pocholo Gonzales 



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