Sonia Casillas: Actoral female voice in dubbing,official and commercial programs

Description: Eplanation how the voice influences in official announcements like earthquake alert, dubbing, series, radio program and singing commercials.Flexibiliy of tone registers. 

Date: 2019-04-16 

Time: 12:15-12:30 

City/place: Mexico City Venue address: W radio 

Performer/s: Broadcaster , singer, dubbing actres and events conductor.Official voice for Telephone Company telcel.Conductor in Nocturno 937 radio program.Official voice in Joya 937, Earthquake alert Airplane company and more. Dubbing Serie Agents of shield (Melinda May) Big heroes (Granville Profesor ) Hotel Transilvania (Voz Celular ) Lego Batman (Compu) Sharks (Katie Current) Ralph (Mary) ,Cars 3 (Simulador) among others.Videogames: Overwatch (Athena) , Batman (Computer Melina May  



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