Global concert The colors of the voice

Description: Celebration of the singing voice with mezzosopran and tenor in Global Concert World Voice Day Program of celebration Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) Erde Lied Das TrinkliedvomJammerderErde Poem adaptation Li-Tai-Po Die Einsameim Herbst Poem adaptation Tschang-Tsi VonderJugend, oder, Der PavillonausPorzellan Poem adaptation Li-Tai-Po Am Ufer Poem adaptation Li-Tai-Po Der TrinkerimFrühling Poem adaptation Li-Tai-Po Der Abschied Poem adaptation Mong-Kao-Yen and Wang-Wei  

Date: 2019-04-12 

Time: 18:30-19:30 

City/place: Mexico City Venue address: Eje 1 Norte (Mosqueta) esquina Aldama s/nBuenavista Biblioteca Vasconcelos 

Performer/s: Coordinación de Música y Opera del INBAl Culture Secretary Mexico Government and Biblioteca VAsconcelos present Norma Vargas (mezzosopran) Gustavo Cuautli (tenor) Alfredo Isaac Aguilar(pianist)  



The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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