Conference : MÉXICO: be kind with your voice .Mexico :SÉ AMABLE CON TU VOZ.”

Description: Secretaria de Educacion,ciencia,tecnología e innovacion from Mexico City and Centro de Foniatria y AUdiologia invite you . This conference shows how gentle do we need to handle the pitch, loudness,color of our voices.Which diseases are more frequent in Mexico.Which advantages has the daily voice use and disadvantages of misuse by professional voice users.How to handle singing voice.Whay to do when the voice is destroyed. 

Date: 2019-04-07 

Time: 12:00-13:00 

City/place: Mexico City Venue address: Auditorio de la SECTEI, Justo Sierra 49, Centro Histórico, 06000, Centro, CDMX 

Performer/s: Rosa Eugenia Chávez Calderón M.D. Ph.D. Medical Doctor specialist in Phoniatrics and Audiology . National coordinator of World voice day since 2000.President of Collegium Medicorum Theatri  



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