Bolero songs for the romantic voice

Description: Bolero is a latin romantic style .In mexico there are contests with bolero songs.Esperanza Espinosa is a singer and composer. She sings some of her compositions and some of the well.known boleros. 

Date: 2019-04-07 

Time: 13:55-14:05  

City/place: Mexico City Venue address: Auditorio Sectei calle Justo Sierra 49 centro Historico 

Performer/s: Esperanza Espinosa Singer and composer ,semifonalist in boleros contest .Shes been in different choirs for mexican music.In televisión she sang the colors of my country .Shes represented the dresses Sindashi mexican company that are hand-painted.She has 2 records made in an independet way. She prepares a new record Pasión Mexicana, and a in vivo show Sabor Latino together with ballet Project Dance Estudio.  

Web: YouTube. Janett Arceo y La Mujer Actual


The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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