Voci e suoni di dentro e di fuori

Description: The State Music Conservatorium “Cesare Pollini" of Padova announces the second edition of the meeting “Voices and Sounds Inside of Us and Outside of Us”, that will be held in Padova, from 11th to 13th April 2018. For many years the Department of Music Education of the Conservatorium has focused its researches on pedagogy of music for musicians and rehabilitation experts. Multidisciplinary approaches are fostered by the Conservatorium, that for this specific reason promotes meetings, courses and any activity with such an address. We would like to build an opportunity to exchange skills between the sciences and liberal arts, using music as the common means. The main topics of the meeting aim to examine the main aspects of the perception of music, the artistic voice production, the relationship between music and emotions, faced by neuroscientists, medical doctors, sound engineers, musicologists, musicians, philosophers, etc.  

Date: 2019-04-11 

Time: 09:00 - 19:00 

City/place: Padova Venue address: Auditorium del Conservatorio Cesare Pollini 

Performer/s: Scientific directors: Giovanna Baracca, Luciano Borin, Francesco Facchin 

Web: https://umusprogettopersona.wordpress.com/convegno-persona/

Contact: umanitainmusica@gmail.com 

The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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