World Voice Day Public Welfare Event of Chongqing Renpin Otolaryngology Hospital

Description: On April 16, 2019, Ma Yulong, director of the Voice Center of Chongqing Renpin Ear, Nose and Larynx Hospital, gave a Scientific Lecture on "Voice Maintenance" for more than 20 anchors and hosts of Chongqing Radio Station to help professional voice anchors check their vocal cords, analyze their voices and guide them to use their voices scientifically. On the same day, the Voice Maintenance Center of Chongqing Renpin Otolaryngological Hospital was established. The center is characterized by comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of voice diseases with the system of "voice microsurgery + voice training", and carries out voice maintenance for radio broadcasters on the 16th of each month. At the same time, public welfare activities such as scientific voice training courses were carried out for patients with voice diseases who came to see the doctor. The Voice Training Center of Chongqing Renpin Otolaryngology Hospital has a regular voice training class every Saturday to provide professional and scientific voice guidance and consultation for patients with various voice diseases. 

Date: 2019-04-16 

Time: 14:00-17:00 

City/place: Chongqing Venue address: Voice Training Room of Chongqing Renpin Otolaryngology Hospital 

Performer/s: Director Ma Yulong, Voice Center 


Contact: Chongqing Renpin Otolaryngological Hospital 

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