Waco • World Voice Day w/Baylor and UT Southwestern

April 16, 2015 – 11:00 am CDT

World Voice Day w/Baylor and UT Southwestern

Venue: Baylor University

Baylor Bella Voce, with presentations from Dr. Lesley Childs (ENT) and Ms. Amy Hamilton (SLP) from UT-Southwestern Center for Voice Care

More info: ”It is important to know how to care for your voice and keep it healthy, particularly if you have a job where you must constantly use it,” said Randall Umstead, D.M.A., associate professor of voice and chair of the division of vocal studies. “We’re fortunate to have such prominent voice specialists sharing their knowledge and medical expertise regarding vocal health and care.”

As part of the program, Lesley Childs, M.D., who specializes in laryngology, neurolaryngology and care of the professional voice at UT Southwestern’s Clinical Center for Voice Care in Dallas, and Baylor alumna Amy Hamilton, B.M.Ed. (choral music and voice) ’98, speech pathologist and voice therapist at UT Southwestern, will host a session on vocal health and the physiology of voice production at 11 a.m. in Roxy Grove Hall.

“We are only given one set of vocal folds, and they’re precious,” Childs said. “Even if you’re not a singer, we all rely on those folds to communicate day in and day out.”

Website: www.baylor.edu


Contact person: Randall Umstead, Randy_Umstead@baylor.edu




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