Hamar • The birth of "The Voice"

April 16, 2015 – 18.00

The birth of “The Voice”

Venue: Kirsten Flagstad Museum, Strandstuen, Hamar

Performer: Per Øyvind Sandberg

Museum ticket. Free entrance for Friends of the Kirsten Flagstad Museum.


Mor info: Per Øyvind Sandberg, historian and former state archivist, lectures on the history of Strandstuen and what Hamar was like when the girl who later would recieve the nickname “The Voice of the Century” first opened her eyes.

120 years ago a girl was born in Hamar, Norway in a house called Strandstuen. Born into a musical family, Kirsten Flagstad grew up to be one of the greatest voices to have ever graced the operatic stage.

… …

Per-Øyvind Sandberg, historiker og tidligere statsarkivar, kåserer om Strandstuens historie og hvordan Hamar så ut da hun som skulle få tilnavnet «århundrets stemme» først åpnet sine øyne.

Website: www.kirsten-flagstad.no


Contact person/s: Annika E. Asen, annika.asen@annomuseum.no



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