São Paulo • TV Interview

April 16, 2015 – 2:00-3:00pm

TV Interview

Address: Av. Bernardino de Campos, 327 – cj 63 – Paraíso

Performer: Interview with Ana Elisa Moreira Ferreira on Boa Vontade TV (CHANNEL 20/SKY; CHANNEL 212/OI TV and by internet www.boavontade.com/tv), about vocal health and vocal expressiveness.

More info: Ana Elisa Moreira Ferreira, speech language pathologist and voice specialist, spoke about the types of dysphonia, how we can prevent, and the importance of social and professional communication.

Website: www.univoz.com.br


Contact person: (55)(11)991867588, www.univoz.com.br,
Ana Elisa Moreira Ferreira, ana@univoz.com.br




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