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World Voice Day 2019


Dear Friends and Colleagues from around the world,

We are approaching April, the month during which we celebrate the HUMAN VOICE as a unique asset to mankind.

Every voice group in each country can make different choices in how to approach this event, with many different activities, from artistic performances to health improvement events. Most of World Voice Day activities take place on April 16th, but many events extend across the entire week or even throughout the whole month but some countries extend them to the whole week or even the whole month. Some countries prefer to celebrate in other months. However, April 16th is the traditional and most widely accept date for celebrating the World Voice Day. Thus, please announce all events celebrating the World Voice Day on the website world-voice-day.org, our team is proud to document activities and to collectively share them conveniently on this platform.

There are many idiosyncrasies and cultural issues involved in organizing these events. However, it would strength the World Voice Day awareness and impact if the same theme (which changes every year) were used by celebrants throughout the world. be nice if we can resonate with the same message. The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery – AAO-HNSF, through its Voice Committee has worked to create a team for the year 2019.  After discussion and reflection, it seems most practical realistic to the WORLD VOICE DAY WEBSITE ORGANIZATION to use their proposal in order to spread the word.  The AAO-HNS has already expressed willingness to invite a representative from World-voice-day.org to be part of the theme discussion for the 2020 campaign.


This is the phrase being adopted for 2019 by world-voice-day.org 


2019 World Voice Day Theme Source: American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery as developed by its Voice Committee.


We would like to deeply thank Prof. Johan Sundberg, Prof. Robert Sataloff and Prof. Ron Scherer for their guidance throughout this process. We would like also to acknowledge Dr. James Denneny, president/CEO of the AAO-HNSF and Dr. Vyvy Young, chair of the AAO-HNSF Voice Committee, for their generosity in sharing with us their theme.


Have a wonderful campaign, and let the world hear voices from everywhere! Do not forget to document all events.


Mara Behlau, Thays Vaiano and Mauro Fiuza

WVD webpage team


Logo And Slogan Competition For The World Voice Day 2019


On April 16th we celebrate WORLD VOICE DAY.

In 2019 you can contribute by creating the image (logo) and phrase (slogan) for the next year campaign.

Show all your creativity and send the material until December 16th.

Please, send us the logo to the e-mail info@world-voice-day.org with the following specifications:

A3 size = 297 × 420 mm/3508 x 4961 pixels. PNG format with transparent background.

You can check the last campaign logo HERE.

The slogan and logo will be chosen by the WVD committee and the winner will be announced on December 20th.

The Voice Foundation Articles

To celebrate the new year WVD campaign its available now, kindly offered by The Voice Foundation, 5 specially chosen articles

You can read and download them HERE


Get inspired and celebrate the voice all over the world!


Mara Behlau, Thays Vaiano and Mauro Fiuza

The WVD team


World Voice Day 2018 Bulletin

The year of 2018 was special for the human voice. Almost 800 entries from 55 countries were registered at the WORDL VOICE DAY webpage (Figure 1), with a total of 1974 activities, the largest number since the webpage was created. Some of the entries correspond to single events but some other to a whole week celebration including talks, classes, workshops and free consultation.

Figure 1. World Distribution of events on the WVD 2018

Ten countries leaded the highest number of events (Figure 2). The 3 first positions were occupied by Brazil (267 events), Argentina (126 events) and Russia (98 events). The human voice importance deserves highest visibility in the world and both artistic and clinical aspects need to be highlighted. We know that some colleagues have not registered their initiatives, which is a misfortune.

The complete list with all participating countries and number of registered events was as follows:

Argentina (126), Australia (9), Austria (2), Azerbaijan (7), Bahrain (1), Bangladesh (1), Belarus (4), Belgium (4), Brazil (268), Bulgaria (1), Canada (7), Cape Verde (7), Chile (21), China (24), Colombia (5), Croatia (2), Cyprus (1), Czech Republic (1), Denmark  (3), Ecuador (1), Estonia (2), Finland (6), France (2), Germany (8), Ghana (1), Greece (2), Hungary (6), India (8), Ireland (2), Israel (5), Italy (21), Japan (1), Malta (2), Mexico (10), New Zealand (1), Norway (2), Peru (1), Philippines (3), Poland (11), Portugal (12), Romania (10),  Russia (98), Saudi Arabia (1), Slovakia (1), Slovenia (1), South Africa (3), Spain (23), Sweden (11), The Netherlands (3), Turkey (6), Ukraine (3), United Arab Emirates (1), United Kingdom (7), United States (25), Uzbekistan (1).

Figure 2. Ten top countries on number of events to celebrate the World Voice Day 2018.

The most common type of event was the production of banners, placed in many public locations to call attention on the human voice. However, creativity was high, and events included performances/concerts, courses, free assessments, radio and TV interviews, flash mobs, marathons, special theater events, interactive games and campaigns (Figure 3). Under the type “campaign” multiple actions coordinated by graduate programs in Speech-Language Pathology or by a joint effort among physicians, SLP and teachers of singing were developed, some of them with the length of one whole week.

Figure 3. Types of actions developed at the World Voice Day Campaign 2018

The world was louder with a better voice during the whole month of April.

Congratulations to all participants and let us be prepared for the 2019 Campaign!


Mara Behlau, Thays Vaiano and Mauro Fiuza

The www.worldvoiceday.org team